167 – Statistics and Ecology

Today in honors we began our first unit. I have made a commitment to myself that I won’t talk at kids for more than 20 min without an active break. There will be a handful of times where I may have to go more than 20 minutes in a class, but I will have an activity or formative check to break it up.

So, today we worked on the first two or five learning objectives for the week. I did start with some content, but transitioned to the ecosystem jars on the tables w/ group questioning and then eventually to a reinforcing activity. I need to work on my closure but I wish I had more time, maybe around 15 minutes.

In AP we tackled standard deviation, standard error and variance in context of biological systems. The HHMI AP biology statistics guide is a real gem and it had been very helpful. Tomorrow we will use the HHMI Salivary Amylase activity as a model for these techniques. We will hopefully begin our first domain on Wednesday which is evolution.

Wednesday the honors kids will set up the Winogradsky columns which should be pretty fun.

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