Day 166 – Mind Blown and Amylase Salivation

This graph below was the object of honors biology wailing and gnashing of teeth last night and today. There were many concerns about not knowing how to do it. But struggle is good and not knowing is better. It does relate to their learning objectives so I did not want the graph to be the focus. The triple Y axis threw them, and many of them pointed out that the mortality should probably be on the Y. So, graphing was the first hurdle. The second hurdle was the idea of graph areas being superimposed such that each abiotic factor reduced the suitable area for the insect larvae to live in with each layer. Temperature was the least harsh factor, but layered with humidity, the suitable area dropped by 60% and then adding light as the third layer, it dropped 80%. In the end you have a small area showing the best conditions for the larvae based on all 3 factors. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.55.54 PM

It was really fun working through it and I can’t say all understood it perfectly, but in terms of the learning objective, they were clear. 

In AP I reviewed R and R squared in terms of correlation and regression and the kids showed a better understanding. They continued to work on the Salivary Amylase activity and I was able to walk around and help anyone who needed it. The null hypothesis is a concept that they have to work through since it seems to easy of a statement to make. testing the null with critical values is new to them. Working through the Amylase activity, my impression was that they were able to see how scientists can make claims (like # gene copies correlating with amount of amylase in saliva) and it not just be conjecture. I want them to be able to use statistics as a tool and eventually go to it without being asked. 

Tomorrow we begin our first real domain: evolution. I have never led off with it, but it is my strength so I am looking forward to good times. 

I probably won’t be able to do Days 164 and 163 due to being off for my mom’s surgery. Does sick leave count for 180 blogging?

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.42.21 PM







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