162- Biogeochemical Cycle Evacuation Drills

Today was my first day back from a two school day hiatus. Of course, the day had its challenges. Mainly, a evacuation drill during my AP bio class. Challenge met, but only for 20 minutes. 

Today in honors biology we discussed the major biogeochemical cycles. Mostly probing question and answer. My biggest goal was to connect the larger, global cycle to what happens inside a cell, and then bridge the two with food chains. Basically, how do the global cycles matter to living things? We did this for the carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles, with the focus on organic molecules and how the transfer is made via food chains. 

In AP biology, a reflection on the Grant Galapagos finch data revealed some nice talking points regarding the students’ take away of natural selection. I am using the 40 year Grant finch study to model natural selection. The data is great and I think students see clearly how natural selection can happen quickly under the right circumstances. 

Tomorrow in honors we will finally build the Winogradsky columns and in AP work on the Evolution in Action activity continuing the finch data exploration. 





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