158 – Evolutionary Forces and Symbiosis

Today in honors biology we started just reviewing symbiosis since this is a concept kids learn in 7th grade. I implored them to get a tubular bird feeder this winter and layer different sized seeds to encourage competition. They seemed really into that. But, they really were interested in the brood parasite Cuckoo Bird.

We transitioned to a refutation exercise essay project where kids would refute the idea that all interactions between organisms results in competition. The kids paired up and sending them a peer edited document via Google Drive was a snap.

In AP biology we journeyed down the path to Hardy-Weinberg EQ via a discussion of evolutionary forces. Paul Andersen’s 5 Fingers of Evolution is really cool although it does leave out Genetic Drift.

Genetic drift is the hardest concept for my kids to get each year. The idea of a random series of events changing allele frequencies over time causes some skeptical reactions. Mostly, I think this is because of the way it is presented through figures and graphs. Maybe I am confusing also.

Tomorrow both classes have quizzes so a post will be boring, but I will post the quizzes for the SBG folks who want a look.


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