157 – Quiz Day

Today I am giving a weekly quiz to both my honors and AP kids. Here is how it works:

  1. Students get quiz questions and answer sheet. Students answer questions.
  2. Students turn in answers.
  3. Students pick up rubric and self-assessment sheet and hold on to questions.
  4. Students self-assess
  5. Students turn it all in.

I use a standards based grading/learning approach in class. My quizzes are all short answer and don’t have numbers, just the objectives and questions. I give written feedback on my grading sheets. Yes, it takes a lot of time but professionally and for students there are a lot of benefits. My goal is to have them all graded by Monday.

Here are two examples. If you’d like to take a look I’ll have to approve your request.

Honors Quiz

AP Quiz * there is a typo on 1.2c question c where the light and dark should be reversed. I love when students catch things.

I have a student who needs a computer modified version of quizzes/tests and another who broke his writing hand, so I whipped up a Google form version.

Google Form Version AP 

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