156 – Hardy Weinberg and Literature Reviews

Today in honors biology was part talking, part doing. I had to introduce the literature review to the freshmen. It is possibly the worst idea ever created by our system’s science administration. Shall I count the ways?

  • Fourteen year olds have never completed a research paper in science before
  • Freshmen have no access to peer reviewed journals which is what is required for the review. This forces me to become a scofflaw by asking a university student for their advanced Galileo password to access journals.
  • Freshmen have no idea how to reference sources.
  • Freshmen have no idea how to formulate a “real world” scientific question well enough to be the basis of evaluation for their paper.

Optimistically, I try to tell myself that I help them with the bullet points above.

For the other part of class they worked on a refutation assignment begun last week in day 158.

In AP biology we reviewed Hardy Weinberg EQ and applied it to our second model organism the Rock Pocket mouse. Tomorrow we will mess with the selection coefficient and delve deeper into the evolutionary forces.

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