155 – Primary Productivity and Selection Coefficient

Today in honors biology I gave kids some time to prepare their refutation essay on whether all interactions between organisms in the ecosystem must be competitive. They were issued a co-authored document template via Doctopus which allowed each kids equal editing rights. They had this delivered to their assignments folder and they have been working on it little by little each day outside of class.

I also delivered some content today for about 20 minutes on primary productivity in ecosystems. I meant to begin using a POGIL to introduce ecological pyramids but we ran out of time.


In AP biology we reviewed the Natural Selection of Rock Pocket mice but not many kids had done it. I re-assigned it for tonight. We also tackled the selection coefficient delivered via Excel spreadsheet by HHMI. It is a very cool model that allows kids to make predictions up to 1000 years. I’m not sure they were as revved as I was but I mainly wanted them to make connections between selection and fitness using the model.

Thursday will be hectic since we are doing two different labs in honors and AP. Lots going on and too little time.

Photo: Norman Kuring/NASA from A green blanket on the Arabian sea by SINDYA N. BHANOO

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