154 – Raging Full On

Today in honors biology we discussed energy transfer in ecosystems and trophic levels. The kids worked through the Energy Pyramid POGIL in 15 minute increments and we discussed at the end of each increment. The POGIL was perfect for the learning objectives and my new active learning set up really emphasizes the sharing spirit of the POGIL modeling technique.

In my room right now I have 4 experiments going at once. I am at capacity. We have three long terms experiments and one short term. The long term experiments are the desktop ecosystems, Winogradsky columns and Artificial Selection and the short term experiment is the Aquatic Primary Productivity lab. I have 3 sets of light banks going on as well.


In AP biology today we also did a POGIL but in the middle of a short lecture on homologies. I lectured for 20 minutes with Q and A mixed in, and then we did a short model of structural homologies. Tomorrow we will plant our Fast Plants and work on the molecular clock assignment.

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