153 – Modeling Primary Production and Fast Plants Planting

Today in honors biology we talked about models, their limitations and their strengths. Then we reinvented the old AP biology DO lab for an exploration of NPP. It was the first time using CBLs and DO probes and I was less than overwhelmed. Probably just as erratic as the Winkler method. But we got data and judging by the standard deviations of the 4 class data, if nothing else we were consistent.

The bugbear will be the analysis on Monday considering my students accept nothing less than perfect data. šŸ™‚ We will discuss what they think is “supposed to happen” and what really did. It is always fun for me, having at one point in my life a huge data set that my professional life depended on and not having a clue to what it meant (initially).

In AP biology we planted seeds for the artificial selection lab. The kid were into it and felt like it was near to “real biology”. We planted almost 70 plants which i think will be enough. They liked the premise of the lab but were not so confident in their ability to keep up with watering and being an overall farmer.

Tomorrow is test day for both classes so maybe I will drop some philosophy.

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