151 – POGIL Madness

Today in both classes we used POGIL inquiry lessons. In both classes I introduced student roles for the POGIL assignments. I laminated these on cards and had them at each table. Kids will rotate each POGIL so they can take on different roles. Out of around 110 honors kids, only two sort of goofed around with their role. They really liked the structure and they collaborated better than before. The AP kids did not get into the roles as much but I do think they see the value.  They got a short lecture on phylogeny and then we launched into the group work.


It was day 5 of the fast plant planting. Over the weekend we miscalculated the water and some reservoirs went dry. We have about 90 sprouts now which will be more than enough. I have a fan on them and a light as close as I can get.


Tomorrow is a challenging day because our school schedule is changed for graduation writing exam testing. Pretty much only 25 minute classes. perfect for some reassessment but I’d rather have the 52 minutes. I plan on dedicating the rest of the week in AP biology to the phylogeny BLAST lab and in honors a population ecology modeling activity and food chains.

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