149 – Light Challenges and More Population Modeling

I grew the Fast Plants over the summer as an experiment to work out the bugs for this fall. No doubt I am limited by light intensity. Over the summer I had 4 florescent grow bulbs (2′ each) and got spindly plants. This fall we are on Day 7 and our plants are small and getting spindly with two 4′ light banks of 40w each. So, in reading up on the light manual for Fast Plants, it seems that 8 banks of lights are perfect to get short, robust plants that yield lots of seeds. What to do?

This afternoon at 4pm on a Friday (yes I was a bit obsessed), I dismantled the light bank and ended up making a make-shift 4′ light box with 8 bulbs of 40w each. Two of the lights will be too low to yield significant light so it is really 6 lights and some change. I have no idea if this will help. Science!


I have a fan going in case it gets too hot in there. I used foil to trap light as well. The plants are around 5cm from the light. I was getting readings around 900 FC at 10cm and at 5cm 3.2 KFC so hopefully some good growing power. Hey, it’s Friday let’s see what happens over the weekend. Hero or goat?

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