147 – 6 x 1600 lumens

Our Fast Plants are shrimpy. I have been eliminating variables all week. The final straw was replacing the 40 watt 4′ bulbs with 40 watt grow bulbs. I would have preferred 32 watt bulbs because they are cooler, but I have a fan running so that should help. So, I have 6 40 watt 1600 lumen bulbs on the plants and you can see the spectrum difference by looking at them lit up. I hope this is the variable that when changed, makes a big difference in our plant growth. I had Gro Lux bulbs in and I am not sure they have the plant specific spectrum I needed. It’s like Asia said, “Only time will tell.” I just quoted Asia.

In honors we wrapped up the bone ID portion of the lab and tomorrow we will move on to the trophic analysis portion. We will look at this as a class first because the spreadsheets tend to scare off the freshmen.

In AP biology someone said today, “You mean we get to do speciation today?” which was kind of cool to hear. Sympatric speciation is always difficult for them to understand and everyone got a kick out of the zygotic barriers. Well, only because I told my “behavioral isolation” story. OK, it goes like this…

Back in 1992 i was doing my masters thesis field work on St. Catherines Island off the Georgia coast. It is an uninhabited island for science and historical research and only accessible by boat. On the island (not many people know) the New Your Zoological Association runs an endangered species preserve. So, lots of organisms that have lost their habitat make the island home. There are zebra, macaque monkeys, lemurs, giant tortoise, all kinds of birds, and a lot of herding African animals. On the days where the salt marsh tides did not cooperate with my field work, I got to tag along with the zoologists and one of the things we did was drop food. They were looking at some zebra and i was watching the gazelles come up the path for food in single file. The one in front stops about 50 yards from me. It had some pretty large horns that went straight up over the head. It began lifting one leg up and down, almost like a bull would before a charge. After a few moments, I decided to do it too. So both of us standing in the middle of a savanna lifting our legs. The zoologists laughed and made sure I knew I was doing the mating ritual of the gazelle. I always tell that story with behavioral isolation since obviously the gazelle female thought I was pretty hot, but alas we were both confused to what the signals meant.


Tomorrow we will work on the Lozos lizards short film and virtual lab which should be lots of fun.

Grow plants! Grow!

(photo: imgarcade http://imgarcade.com/about.html)

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