146 – Fast Plant Fail and Speciation

In the ongoing saga of our plants… I contacted Heidi at Fast Plants and she was awesome in her analysis and recommendation. So, I am going to replant next Wednesday and use a new light bank with 8 lights and hopefully I will get better results.

In AP biology today we watched the HHMI short film on the speciation of anole lizards in the Caribbean. We then proceeded into the virtual lab. The lab is great but there is no way for kids to save work if a module is incomplete. That was their beef. Tomorrow we will complete it and wrap up speciation.

In honors biology we used a spreadsheet to calculate the total energy consumption of the owls in the model ecosystem. This data came straight from the owl pellet prey and it was cool to see how so little owls can be supported in the ecosystem, based on the trophic structure. The kids can then go backwards, calculating the energy needed at each level.

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