143 – Learning Commons and More Fast Plants

Today in AP biology we visited our school’s new “learning commons”. The learning commons (LC) is the new “media center”. It was transformed last year with a $250,000 grant from our county into a state of the art, digital learning area. One of the big features I like are the “meeting rooms”. Each room is almost soundproof and has a flat screen TV with hook ups for any sort of computer. Kids can meet there and work on projects. The walls are all writeable glass.

So, today we went there to work on the history of the earth assignment using the HHMI History of Oxygen on Earth and the Earth Viewer app. The app is installed on Ipads and kids projected an Earthviewer onto the flat screen and individually had computers or Ipads to answer the Google for questions.

photo 3

photo 4

We also re-planted the Fast Plants today for the artificial selection lab. I made a brand new light bank and Heidi at Wisc Fast Plants was nice enough to counsel me through some of the mistakes i was making. I really hope we have better luck.

photo 2 photo 1

A very productive day!

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