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Google Form Feedback

A couple of weeks ago, a person told me in discussion that Google forms were basically glorified checklists and no different or better than analog lists. I was pretty stunned by this since I use them for a plethora of reasons. Here is an example of one of them – Formative Pre-Assessment

We are starting DNA replication which can be somewhat arduous at any level of biology. So, I looked for an opening question to formatively check for advanced understanding so I knew what I was up against. In this form I did ask for student names so i could eventually talk to them about misconceptions.

The question is on loan from my pal David Knuffke (teacher extraordinaire from Deer Park, NY):

How does the structure of a DNA molecule inform us about how it is replicated?

Here is a small sample of responses:

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 8.04.01 PM

You may be able to see that the answers are really diverse. Really diverse. There are some great misconceptions here as well. This shows 4 out of 130 anticipated responses. Google forms will pie graph most of the responses for me and I’ll have a nice spreadsheet data base of the answers.

This gives me a great place to start and begin asking questions.

Just one example of how Google forms are very useful in teaching and learning.

I heard I was up to 9 people now who read this “blog”. Better stop now before I lose one. I mean, blogs are dead, right?